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Burlap Curtains

Are you looking for burlap curtains? Burlap is an organic and biodegradable material made from jute, hemp, or flax fibers. It is normally a coarse material that has a natural beige color, although the color can be altered.


Burlap has been around for ages already, but its usage remains in demand. It has been utilized as potato sacks and cement bags for commercial use. For industrial applications, it has been added to linoleum to give it form and backing.


Designers and tailors have taken a few steps forward by using burlap for home decorations despite its coarse texture. In more recent years, burlap has been used as an alternative to its cousin canvas.


Burlap has been used to make tote bags. These are great substitutes for non-biodegradable plastic shopping bags. And believe it or not, burlap has also been used to create breathable and durable curtains and drapes. 

Burlap curtains come in many great colors. Of course, the natural beige of the material cannot be forgotten. However, because of burlap’s ability to absorb paint and dye, burlap curtains also come in white, ivory, brown, blue, and green. There are even more colors out there if you search hard enough. 

There are many burlap curtain designs to choose from. You can choose from curtains made completely of burlap. Or, you can also choose to buy curtains with burlap trimmings. Some burlap sacks have lithographic images printed onto them. These images add beauty to the curtains if done artistically, making them a wonderful work of art. 


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Buying burlap drapes or curtains online is a great alternative to going to your local discount or department store. There are many great designs to be found. It is also possible to contact the manufacturer or designer if you need something custom made.


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 burlap curtains

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Before looking for designs that you might like, be sure to measure the length and width of the area where you want to hang your curtains. This is an important step in buying burlap drapes because not all designs carry the length you want for your curtains. 


 burlap curtains

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burlap curtains and drapesBurlap curtains, as well as the often similar canvas curtains, are very versatile pieces. They can be rustic, elegant, or casual.


It just depends on the color you choose. The design and print on the burlap material can also influence the look you will achieve.  


You can have control of these design features if you're the ambitious type that wants to make your own curtains, as discussed in the video below.


Some designs available are tab top curtains, hand smocked, and panels. And contrary to popular belief, burlap need not have a coarse texture.


If separated into very fine threads, burlap can actually be made into imitation silk. This makes for very elegant burlap curtains.



It is equally important that your curtains are made from durable and breathable materials. You want your home pieces to last long so you can fully use them. The great thing about burlap curtains is that they come at low prices.


The cost for burlap curtains start as low as $20. This is a bargain for something beautiful and functional. And let’s not forget that these curtains are also earth friendly. Since they are made from organic materials, using them in your home actually makes you a green revolution advocate.


You need not spend a lot to experience beauty and functionality in your home. Burlap curtains let you experience these without the high cost. You may also buy burlap curtains in sets or by panels. However, this is dependent to the package provided by the curtain’s manufacturer.

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